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Policy lines of my treatment (tuition on equal chances of course),

From the most commonly known principles can be inferred that education that offers equal chances to all learners for a maximum development, according to us an education is:
- that starts from well-defined, significant, and relevant objectives which are pursued for all learners;

in which the learning experiences and learning activities of learners are at issue: motivating learners to contracting intense learning activities, and helping them to follow up and supporting them to deepen those learning experiences are the vital task of the teacher;
- in which in all the lessons possibilities are created, throughout the curriculum, for all learners to learn actively, to bring them to explore by themselves and to reflect;
- that leaves space for own initiative of the learners, and their own input;
- that starts from diversity, and exploits this diversity to let arise many rich learning experiences;
- that uses a wide range of forms to have the teacher and the learners, and the learners amongst themselves, to reach an intense interaction that they build together;
- that has systematic eye for how learners react, and particularly vulnerable learners, to the teaching activities, and by means of specific differentiation, supporting measures, and if necessary also appropriate remediation, offers extra help to fragile learners ;
- in which the evaluation is wide, i.e. in which not only technical skills and cognitive development are reviewed, but in which also socio-emotional and affective aspects of leaner-being are met, and beside the learning product also the learning process;
- in which this wide evaluation serves the maximalisation of the education and thereby polishes a tailored approach of the individual learner;
- in which school team members work with each other, put their expertise together to develop an energetic pedagogical project;
- in which the school can count on a constructive interaction with all partners, and on the constructive input of supporting directions and all direct people concerned;
- in which each learner counts, each learner can use his personality or get one.




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